The graphic below shows how a weekly structure looks like. Students receive access to the script (reading), followed by a web-based training session.

The virtual classroom session takes place at fixed day in the evenings where students are supposed to attend online to a certain time. In this session experts from the industry share their knowledge and insights. These sessions will be recorded and can be accessed and viwed by the student during the whole course.

The supervision session is a one-to-one session with the personal tutor in which the student has the opportunity to discuss related topics and asked questions. A week generally ends with a task or assignment that the student has to complete until a certain date.



Comprehensive and detailed scripts introduce the student to the week’s topic. All relevant and necessary information is carefully selected and curated by a team of industry experts in conjunction with the academic department.


The web-based trainings provide interactive content that allows students to learn the fun way. The trainings are careafully scripted and animated by a team of experts to ensure the best possible learning outcomes.


In this online live sessions students get trained by experts from the industry. These sessions take place once a week in the evenings, to ensure that everyone can attend.



A weekly mentoring session with the tutor ensures that the student receives a regular feedback and gets individual support where necessary.


The weekly tasks refer to practical aspects of the current topic and shall be solved by the students either on their own or as a group. Tasks will be presented and graded by the trainer.