Grading System


A grade is expressed as a percentage, based on the professional requirements during a specific task. The threshold for a performance to be considered decent is 70%. Anything above 80% is considered a good performance and anything above 90% is considered to be a very good performance. Per course, three pieces of homework are assessed as well as one presentation, a midterm exam, a final written exam and a piece of project work. We have several assessments and they provide feedback on your performance. If you underperform in one exam it will not have too much of a detrimental effect on the final result. However, continuous excellence can also lead to an outstanding result. Upon completion of a course module, each participant receives a certificate which shows all of the individual grades. Everyone who has achieved at least 70% will also receive a certificate of successful completion. Anyone who has achieved more than 95% will obtain a certificate ‚with distinction‘. Certificates are awarded for each successfully completed module. The United POP diploma on the other hand is only awarded if all modules of a given course have been successfully completed. Anyone having completed all modules ‚with distinction‘ will also obtain a United POP diploma ‚with distinction‘


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